Programs and Initiatives

Programs and Initiatives

The Animal Control Division is a branch of the Horizon Police Department. Its mission is to provide responsive, efficient animal control services, to provide a high quality of animal care, and to promote responsible pet ownership. If you suspect or witness the inhumane treatment of an animal please contact an Animal Control Officer immediately.

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The Horizon Education Program was created in order to ensure that all students achieve their highest intellectual and personal potential. We provide tools, resources, special programs, and education training for students, job seekers, and professionals seeking development. The program works in conjunction with all Horizon schools, the local library, and various government departments.

With the immense damage to the surrounding areas post-disasters, the city of Horizon was determined to become self-suffieinct and environmentally sustainable. This was not an easy task as it  required both the cooperation and a commitment from local government as well as every individual, business and institution in the city. The Environment and Sustainability Initiative coordinates the energy plans submitted by various departments, and administers grant funds related to energy. The office also keeps track of key accomplishments, and maintains a calendar of events related to environmental topics and a resource list of importable goods and materials. In addition, the initiative oversees all requests from the city farmlands, regulates the trash facility, and regularly contributes as much knowledge as possible to the Archives.

The City of Horizon works with community partners and internal departments to promote health, prevent disease, reduce environmental hazards and insure access to health care for all citizens. The health of our people is very important, and we strive to ensure that all facilities meet proper standards, labs are monitored frequently, and important medicines are properly tested.

This initiative promotes affordable, for-sale and rental housing in communities citywide, provides financial assistance for housing improvements, facilitate access and independent living for seniors and the disabled, and offers a variety of programs that help residents reduce property taxes, refinance their mortgages, and avoid foreclosure. It also helps locate for-sale and and rental homes for residents needing housing assistance.

This program is responsible for reviewing development and building plans, approving how new facilities are tied into existing infrastructures for water, sewer, stormwater management and others. It also issues the permits for building or remodeling homes, businesses and other structures. The program tests and registers licenses for a variety of trades workers engaged in construction in the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and related fields. While primarily related to city development, license and permits are also required for public displays of art, all transactions/business that occur on public property, and numerous other regulated tasks that affect the citizens of Horizon.

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Description coming soon.

The City of Horizon is committed to leveraging technology to improve and expand City programs and services. In addition, the City aims to expand public access to technology across Chicago and is pursuing other digital excellence initiatives that encourage residents, businesses and communities to participate fully in our online economic and social spheres.

The mission of the Horizon Transportation Initiative is to promote public safety, manage the city’s transportation network, and enhance the quality of life for residents of our city neighborhoods. Accomplishment of our mission is ensured through the use of planning coordinated engineering, education, and enforcement. All fleet maintenance is supervised by the Billing & Management Depratment who provide for the consolidation of all aspects of vehicle and equipment care including preventative maintenance, body work, planned acquisition, and replacement.

Achievements this year:

  • Organizational procedures improved by 41.5%
  • Expanded trade by 34.9%

Additional numbers for Day:

  • Unemployment rate decreased by 5.6%
  • Crime rate and incident reports reduced by 12.4%
  • Overall citizen happiness increased by 18.3%

Additional numbers for Night:

  • Homeless population decreased by 1.7%
  • University attendance increased by 3.1%
  • Transportation network improved by 0.8%