NIGHT: Horizon’s 5 Best Lunch Spots

NIGHT: Horizon’s 5 Best Lunch Spots
The most delicious food Horizon has to offer can be found at these fantastic lunch spots. Be sure to pay them a visit. You won’t regret it!


Burgerz – You want any topping on a burger, this place has got it. Mushrooms, bacon, avocado, ranch dressing, mashed potatoes, pickles, potato chips, and more. It’s the top choice for many Nocturns in the Northeast district of Horizon, as it is close to many businesses and places of work.


Dropsies – This pre-Disasters American-style takeout restaurant has anything from sandwiches to… more sandwiches. Why mess with a perfect formula? Especially try the turkey and spinach combo.


Pizza by the Square – If a dive bar only sold greasy pizza and no beer, it would be called Pizza by the Square. The only hangout for Nocturns on their lunch break looking for a slice of pizza, it can’t be missed.


Fortune – If you’re craving Chinese, Fortune is the place to go. Eat in or take-out, this food will never disappoint. The fried rice alone is worth it. Don’t forget your complimentary fortune cookie – they often have a tongue-in-cheek fortune hidden inside.


Shapiro’s Delicatessen – Rob Shapiro has a winning formula with his pastrami sandwiches and platters. Of course, everything is kosher, but don’t worry. Gentiles are more than welcome!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this food series, brought to you by the Horizon Business Union and Horizon’s Health Care & Wellness division.