NEWS UPDATE: Daylighter Death Toll Rises

NEWS UPDATE: Daylighter Death Toll Rises

HORIZON – In a shocking turn of events, the Horizon Police Department has officially released a statement claiming that approximately half of the residents of the Daylighter apartment complex that was bombed earlier today have been pronounced dead.

They have yet to release the names of the deceased Daylighters, but the Horizon Hospital & Medical Center staff have been relentlessly attempting to identify all of the victims and reach their families.

Fire & Disaster have successfully evacuated the area and are currently scanning for any potential explosives or prohibited weapons. Volunteers are not allowed near the scene at this time.

If you have any information regarding the attacks, please do not hesitate to call the front desk help line at 760-466-8165 or visit the Disaster building at any time. The government has asked that any non-essential citizens refrain from visiting the Ogilvy Library as it has reached capacity. Any persons found loitering in the area will be forcibly removed by the authorities.

Check back for more information as the story unfolds.