NEWS UPDATE: 113 Dead in the Capitol Bombing

NEWS UPDATE: 113 Dead in the Capitol Bombing

HORIZON – The city continues to mourn as more information is discovered about the recent explosions within the Horizon Capitol Building’s west wing. The building has partially collapsed, killing and injuring many Daylighters that were working or visiting at the time.

Tragically the capitol was not the only affected building, as the explosion radius extended to the neighboring elementary school. One classroom in particular was hit with debris, killing a Daylighter teacher and four students while injuring six others.

Whether or not the school was purposefully targeted is up for debate, but in a statement by Police Chief Alleyn Morse released earlier today the department claims that it appears to be an an unintentional casualty.

In total there are a reported 113 dead and 85 injured. All victims were Daylighters. Some firefighters and community volunteers were also injured during rescue, though the current number of injuries is unknown at this time. Names and other details are slowly being released by the Horizon Hospital and Medical Center. They have apologized profusely for the delay. If you believe your loved one was hurt in the attack, please go to the hospital’s front desk with proper identification.

When asked about suspected parties and the possible involvement of The Nocturns, Chief Morse reasserts that no groups or individuals have claimed responsibility. In a follow-up statement Fire & Disaster Chief Neil Adair added, “We do not know who is to blame for this horrific act of violence, but we will continue to investigate until justice has been served.”

After speaking with the local community members, it is clear that they believe the explosions were a statement by The Nocturns. A local shop owner said, “Only Daylighters were affected. Why would we do this to ourselves? It has to be them!”

A government employee who worked in the building also agreed with this theory, claiming that The Nocturns are prone to insurgence. “History shows that The Nocturns are more violent. If they aren’t criminals then they are associated with them. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if The Nocturns were responsible for this terrorist attack.”

Check back for more information as the story unfolds.