Director – Day: Dolores Trunchbull

Director – Night: Melanie Aslan

Mission Statement: To examine each aspect of the city government by looking for ways to improve existing services, making sure that services already being offered are needed and appropriately used, and looking ahead to see how current trends could affect the city and the economy.

The Budget & Management Department is responsible for the overall financial activities of the city. All duties are carried out under the direct supervision of the council. The department plans and evaluates city expenditures, organizes available resources, updates all databases, manages payroll, administers taxes, and determines all recipients of government funds.

Director – Day: Chief Neil Adair

Director – Night: Chief Douglas Bradbury

Mission Statement: The Horizon Fire & Disaster Department is dedicated to the protection of life, health, property, and the environment by delivering quality life and fire safety services.

It is F&D’s goal to emphasize fire prevention and provide necessary emergency medical services. Because total success in preventing all fires is unrealistic, F&D remains unwavering in operations to minimize the impact of fires when they do occur. The Department is also responsible for administering public education of our city’s comprehensive community fire safety and disaster relief programs. F&D is committed to reducing, as much as possible, the impact of environmental damage from hazardous material incidents, and implementing preventative measures in the event of further disastrous occurrences.

Director – Day: Ted James

Director – Night: Sula Hale

Mission Statement: To manage, promote, and maintain professional employer/employee relationships within a safe and healthy work environment.

The Human Resources department exists in order to assist the city’s workforce with serving the citizens of Horizon by maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. HR provides consultation with city management in order to accomplish objectives relating to employee relations and maintaining healthy employer/employee relationships.

The Human Resources Department’s major areas of responsibility include: Employment, Compensation and Classification, and Occupational Health.

Director – Day: Isaiah Sheindlin

Director – Night: Josephine Finch

Mission Statement: To provide the city with high quality, innovative and professional legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The City Attorney and the Legal Department provide all the city’s municipal legal services. The department prepares and reviews ordinances, resolutions, executive orders and contracts, and handles litigation, claims and controversies involving the city. Attorneys give advice and legal opinions to the city’s elected officials, officers, employees, and to city boards, trusts, authorities and agencies.

City Attorney – Day: Rosa Vargas

City Attorney – Night: Dido Baylor

Director – Day: Chief Alleyn Morse

Director – Night: Chief Margaret Sawyer

Mission Statement: To apply all knowledge, skills and available resources by working in partnership with our community to provide quality service, protect life and property, prevent crime and resolve problems so people can live without fear in a safe environment.

The Police are granted authority primarily through the city council. The mission of the Police is to prevent crime and disorder in the city of Horizon by the use of problem solving, citizen partnership, proactive patrol techniques and a high standard of professional courtesy and ethics. In the event of a disastrous occurrence, the Fire & Disaster Department may combine the Police Department to form the Emergency Services and Enforcement Department.

Director – Day: Charlotte Roark

Director – Night: Adam Raleigh

Mission Statement: To provide courteous, responsive and dedicated public works services to the citizens of Horizon. The department takes care of the city’s infrastructure by ensuring that the streets and sidewalks are safe for traffic and pedestrians, the water supply is kept clean, and all utilities remain in working order. Public Works provides additional services in engineering, infrastructure maintenance, and recycling & solid waste management. The department is composed of public servants that work to keep the city running, while also contributing to its economic and social vitality.


For general inquiries please contact Information Services in any of the following ways:

  • Visit the Information Desk on the 1st floor of City Hall
  • Email:
  • Phone: 720-446-8165

All requests, complaints, or other claims can be made at our Claims Office on the 3rd floor of City Hall. You may also call our Information Desk where you will be redirected to the Claims office, or you may fill out a claims form and send it to the office either physically or electronically.

Day: The Police Department will soon be accepting new applications for the Officer Training Program. Official announcements will be made on the city website.

Night: There are currently no employment opportunities available.

Taxes are due quarterly on the 15th of February, May, August, and November. Late payments will accrue interest at 1% per month for the first three months and 1.5% after that time for each installment. If you are unable to send electronic funds, payment can be brought to the City Clerk’s Office or mailed to:

City of Horizon
ATTN: Taxes and Payments
1 City Hall Way
City 6, New America