Councils and Commissions

Councils and Commissions


Executive Council

As the governing body of the city, the Executive Council meets regularly to discuss and enforce best practices. The Council reviews and approves the city’s annual budget, monitors the efficiency and effectiveness of city operations, and conducts investigations. The Council also votes on all proposed loans, grants, bond issues, land acquisitions and sales, zoning changes, traffic control issues, council appointees, and other financial appropriations. During meetings the Councilors also listen to concerns and suggestions from residents of the various districts.

Legislative Council

The Legislative Council directs the overall management of the entire Legislature. The Council passes all laws, provides legal advice and bill drafting services; administrative and operations support; research and fact-checking; policy, legal and fiscal analysis; fiscal note preparation; committee staffing; and public information services. The Legislative Council meets less frequently than the Executive Council, though specialty and emergency meetings can be scheduled upon request with the permission of the Head Legislative Councillor.

The Military Commission is responsible for the safeguarding of all life, liberty, and property within Horizon. Should any threats, terrestrial or otherwise, befall upon the city, the Commission will respond accordingly. It is the objective of the Military Commission to keep Horizon and its citizens a protected through the use of law, armed forces, and the execution of justice.

The Disability Commission facilitates full and equal participation in all aspects of life by persons with disabilities by striving to reduce architectural, procedural, attitudinal, and communication barriers that affect persons with disabilities. For the list of disability qualifications, application forms, and renewals please visit the Disability Office on the 1st floor of City Hall.