BREAKING NEWS: Horizon Capitol Bombing

BREAKING NEWS: Horizon Capitol Bombing

HORIZON – A series of explosive devices have gone off in the Horizon Capitol Building’s east wing earlier today. Hundreds of Daylighter staff have been killed or injured, while many still remain trapped under the debris. Police, Fire & Disaster, and emergency services are currently on site.

The building was structurally damaged and many upper offices have collapsed. It is unclear at this time if any other areas of the building have been targeted.

A bystander working across the street claimed the bombs went off with no warning, saying, “One minute I was sitting there working at my desk, and the next thing I know there is this horribly loud noise.” A fellow Daylighter added, “People were screaming and everyone in the office ran to the windows. It looked like slow motion. The roof just completely caved in.”

City officials are calling for all capable volunteers willing to assist. Please report to the designated volunteer coordinators. They can be identified by their red vests.

No specific parties have taken claim for the attack and no official statement has been released. We will continue to update you with any and all new information.