BREAKING NEWS: Daylighter Apartment Bombing

BREAKING NEWS: Daylighter Apartment Bombing

HORIZON – Yet another terrorist attack transpired earlier this evening, much like the recent explosion at the Horizon Capitol Building. Mere hours ago a bomb was detonated in a Daylighter apartment complex as the residents slept.

It is unclear at this time how many people were injured, but at least 3 deaths have been confirmed by the authorities so far. All were Daylighters.

The building was severely damaged and the Fire & Disaster department have deemed it “no longer structurally sound.” All persons within a one block radius have been asked to evacuate and those who cannot not seek residence with family or friends may go to the Olgivy Library for emergency shelter. All library events have been suspended until further notice.

The investigation into the attacks continues, and the Police Department asks that all citizens report any suspicious activities or unknown persons entering buildings not designated to their living time. The Disaster building is open all hours of the day. If you wish to report anonymously, please call the front desk help line at 720-446-8165.

No specific parties have taken claim for the attack and no official statement has been released. We will continue to update you with any and all new information.