The Archives

The Archives

The Archives is an initiative created by the Horizon Education Program in conjunction with the school district, library, and scientific facilities.

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With the destruction of many artistic and intellectual works and the elimination of various internet servers across the globe, it was clear that the city needed to create a digital collection of cultural artifacts in order to preserve the world’s illustrious history. This includes but is not limited to books, news articles, plays, films, television shows, music and other audio recordings, photographs, softwares, and databases. The Archives is an ongoing initiative that is updated as often as possible. All citizens have access to the database, with the exception of those who have lost this privilege by violating city ordinances and laws.

To access The Archives, please visit and use your Horizon identification number and passcode.

Do you have an item to submit to The Archives?

First please check the database to make sure that you are not submitting duplicate material. We take the archival process very seriously, and would like to keep the best preserved version of an artifact on file. If the item is not currently in The Archives, please send a detailed description and still image of it to the Horizon Education Program or bring it in to the Ogilvy Library Archival Office. If you aren’t sure whether or not your item qualifies as archivable material, you can use the library’s requirement checklist. Not all items are accepted into The Archives, but we do encourage submissions for our database records.