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Latest News:

NEWS UPDATE: Daylighter Death Toll Rises

HORIZON – In a shocking turn of events, the Horizon Police Department has officially released a statement claiming that approximately
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BREAKING NEWS: Daylighter Apartment Bombing

HORIZON - Yet another terrorist attack transpired earlier this evening, much like the recent explosion at the Horizon Capitol Building.
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NEWS UPDATE: 113 Dead in the Capitol Bombing

HORIZON - The city continues to mourn as more information is discovered about the recent explosions within the Horizon Capitol Building's
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BREAKING NEWS: Horizon Capitol Bombing

HORIZON - A series of explosive devices have gone off in the Horizon Capitol Building's east wing earlier today. Hundreds
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Partly cloudy with a chance of low fog toward the evening. Today’s high 55°F. Today’s low 30°F. Winds out of the North-Northwest at 20 to 30 mph.